Virtual High School at Lisbon High School


Lisbon High School students who are interested in taking a virtual high school course during the 2020-2021 academic year are encouraged to contact Mrs. Thompson at or to reach out to your respective guidance counselor, Ms. Jordan or Mrs. Lewis. Please click the link below to browse the list of course offerings. Popular classes fill quickly so do not wait. Registration begins at 8 AM, May 7th, 2020.

VHS Learning Printable Course List 2020-2021

New courses and revised courses include the following:

New Courses and Course “Facelifts” for the 20/21 school year!
Site Coordinators, we wanted to let you know that the curriculum team has been working hard all year with our teachers to develop new courses and make lots of exciting revisions to some of our existing courses.  As you register your students, please keep the following courses in mind:

    New Courses for Fall, 2020:

  • AP Latin:  VHS Learning is proud to add this popular full year, AP course as a capstone to our existing Latin program.  Students will take aghost deep dive into Vergil’s Aeneid and Caesar’s Gallic War. The rigor and pace of this course is consistent with Latin offerings at many colleges and universities and will prepare students for the Advanced Placement® Exam..
  • Physics: In this new full year, standard-level physics course, students will investigate key topics in mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves, optics and selected modern physics concepts through a comprehensive lab program, with a focus on application of topics.

    Revised Courses for Fall, 2020:

  • Cybersecurity: Cyberspace offers endless opportunities to connect, share and collaborate, but how do we ensure our communication is safe and our information is protected?  In this semester-long course, students uncover their digital footprint, explore cybercrime and cyberlaw, investigate security threats and measures for networks and software, identify practices associated with good cyber hygiene and design a plan to protect a company from cyberthreats.
  • Film and Literature: Revised to expand the variety of authors and genres explored in this semester-long course, the class now focuses on film techniques and how they are used to adapt literature for the screen.
  • Ghosts and Haunting in Literature (formerly Ghoulies, Ghosties and Long-Legged Beasties). We have revised this wonderfully scary, long-time, semester-long ELA course to deepen the exploration of ghost stories, examining how portrayals of ghosts in literature have changed over time and between cultures.
  • Horror Writers: Revised to expand the variety of authors and experiences, this semester-long course explores the horror genre, beginning with the Gothic and continuing through to modern-day horror stories based on the technologies of our current world.
  • Journalism (formerly Journalism in the Digital Age): The state of journalism has changed dramatically in recent years and our revised, semester-long course allows students to explore those changes while still developing the essential skills for journalistic reporting such as interviewing, writing on a deadline, and revising from feedback.
  • Marketing: In our rapidly evolving digital world, marketing efforts are impacting more than ever before. In this semester-long course, students explore the Marketing Concept to uncover customer needs and product development and then consider promotion and sales, as they develop their own marketing plan for a produce of their choice.
  • Oceanography: Our oceans are critical to the health of our planet. Students will explore the geological, physical and chemical properties of the ocean and then embark on an oceanographic research vessel mission, traveling the open ocean, intertidal zones, polar seas and estuaries to collect samples and observe marine life.  This is a ,semester-long course.
  • Philosophy:  Our semester-long Philosophy course goes way back to the original VHS Learning catalog! Some revisions were implemented this past year to update resources with more recent scholarship, which has breathed new life into this old favorite.

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