Common Sense Media Live Events


Please keep in mind that all events are listed in Pacific Time. That means that if it is noon in Maine, it is 9 AM  in the Pacific time zone.
Events are divided into categories such as virtual storytimes, virtual drawing lessons, music classes and performances, virtual tours, and art and film lessons. Some of the events are a wonderful tool for parents who are attempting to work at home or have older siblings who must complete there own schoolwork while watching younger children. The events provide a time and place for younger children to be.
 Please remember to check back at Lisbon School Libraries often for updates and links to resources that support our schools’ distance learning plan.

Loom Instructions

Please click the link below for instructions on how to begin creating a knitting loom. We will be working on specific components in the Hive on Friday. Please feel welcome to start designing in Tinkercad. When completed, we will fabricate your work with the 3D printer and begin to create much-needed nests for birds and rodents who are in need in Australia.

loom Instructions

The Hive to Partner with LHS Knitters to Support Wildlife Rescue Efforts in Australia.

Beginning Friday, January 10, Hive members from PWS and LHS will begin the design process to create circular looms that will be used to create bird/rodent nests for injured and orphaned animals as a  result of the fires raging in Australia. Additional copies of the looms will be made available for students, staff, and teachers who wish to create nests as well.  At this time, LHS is accepting donations of yarn. If you should have any questions, please contact Mrs. Thompson at the Lisbon High School Library.

Wish to do more? Wonderful! Search for the Animal Rescue Craft Guild on Facebook. Sent a join the group request and begin your journey to help creatures in need!

Hive Australia

Book Fair at Lisbon High School

The Lisbon High School Library will host an Usborne Books and More book fair for one day only on November 7th, 2019. The fair will coincide with parent-teacher conferences and will run from 2 PM-8 PM in the evening. Please join us as we celebrate the love of reading and learning. Books available will range from birth to young adult. Proceeds will be used to purchase reading material for several programs in our school. Thank you for your support.

book fair

Book Fairs at Lisbon School Libraries!

Sugg Middle School library will be hosting a Scholastic book fair during the week of September 23-27th. Hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be from 7AM-3:30PM. Tuesday and Thursday hours will be from 7AM-6PM in the evening.

Lisbon Community School library will be hosting a Scholastic book fair the week of October 21-25. Hours are as follows:

Monday, Tues: open until 4 PM; Wednesday: open until 8 PM; Thursday: open until 4 PM; Friday: open until 2:30.

Thank you for your support of our school libraries and promoting literacy.