Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons will be held each Wednesday at 2:15 PM in the LHS Library. All students from PWS and LHS are invited to attend this creative, open-ended, role-playing game full of battles, monsters, and mythical creatures! No experience is required. Come join the fun.  Questions? Contact Mrs. Thompson at the Lisbon High School library.


Concept-art for Sintel, 3rd open-movie of the Blender Foundation. David Revoy licensed under CC BY 3.0


Autumn Book Fair at PWS

scholastic fair

The air is crisp and it’s the ideal time of year to begin a new adventure. Why not visit the PWS book fair being held from October 22 – October 26? Hours are from 7:10 AM – 3:20 PM. Extended hours will be on Thursday until 8:20 PM. Proceeds of the bookfair support the purchase of new library resources for the PWS library. If you should have any questions, please feel welcome to contact Ms. Tinsley at the PWS library.

You’re Sure to Find Treasures at the LCS Scholastic Book Fair



Students, teachers, parents, and friends are sure to find great books they love at the swashbuckling Scholastic Bookaneer Book Fair: Where Books are the Treasure!  The dates and hours are as follows: October 17th – October 21st.  Monday: 7:45 am-2:45 pm, Tuesday 7:45 am-2:45 pm, Wednesday 7:45 am-2:45 pm, Thursday (FAMILY NIGHT) 7:45 am-8:00 pm and Friday 7:45 am – 2:45 pm.