Student Work

PWS celebrated National Poetry Month in April. Emily from Ms. Lemming’s sixth grade class contributed nine of her own poems. Below is the one that Ms. Dodge likes best.

Hurricane of Words

by Emily C.


isn’t it weird how a word becomes a sentence

a sentence becomes a paragraph then it becomes

a hurricane blowing out like waves on a

crisp blue ocean without a care that

it might hurt someone so watch out

before your words become a hurricane


Ms. Cloutier’s 2nd grade class and Ms. Skilling’s 1st grade class created self portraits in the style of visiting author and illustrator David Catrow.
catrow3catrow4catrow5catrow6catrow7 catrow8catrow9catrow10catrow11catrow12catrow13catrow14catrow15catrow16


Students created story starters in the style of Mo Willems.
andrew max naomi chloe bryce stephanie McKayla dylan Daniel DylanB. Emily Delina Hannah Jackson bianca Kellsie Kadence Dejan penelope AshtonD. Ania Lucas



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