Lisbon High School Summer Reading

When you have finished reading a book as part of the summer reading program, please click on the following link

Complete this simple form for each book that you read to earn tickets to be added to the drawing for summer reading prizes! For every 50 pages you read, a ticket will be entered into the drawing. Earn a bonus ticket by taking a pic of you reading to a sibling, cousin, senior citizen, or even your pet, and share it with Mrs. Thompson.

Students who are required to read for Virtual High School assignments, Advance Placement summer assignments or part of adult education, may use course books as part of your summer reading pages!

What to Read and How

  • Read a book (or many books!) with a friend and/or family member and talk about it.
  • Bring a book to the beach or family camp and hunker down in a hammock or comfy deck chair.
  • Find the books you’ve been given as presents over the years that you haven’t had time to read. Now is the time!
  • Read a memoir of a person you’ve long admired or of someone quite unlike yourself.
  • If you’re an avid reader of a certain genre, try a new one (maybe you always read historical fiction—branch out to sci-fi or fantasy).
  • Read a book of poetry, either a volume by one particular poet you like or a collection that features a number of different poets.
  • Read a graphic novel or two…or six! Graphic novels exist for pretty much all genres.
  • Set a reading goal for yourself—either pages or a time goal for each day. How many days in a row can you meet your goal?
  • Listen to an audio book as you go for a walk, drive, work outside, etc. Check out Maine Info. Net Download Library. Also check out AudiobookSync to get two different audiobooks each week for free all summer long.
  • Join a reading challenge on Goodreads.
  • Read a book aloud to someone who can’t read well (someone with eyesight issues, or young children, or as part of a library story hour, etc.)
  • Read a book and then watch the movie version. Consider which one you like better and why. Or read the book of a movie you have enjoyed and see how they compare. (Even better, get someone else to do this with you so you can talk about it!)
  • Choose & read a book using a book selection generator like or the YALSA Teen Book Finder.
  • Read a book from the list of 100 most frequently challenged/banned books.

Need Help Finding that Perfect Book? Explore These Resources

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