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Welcome to the Lisbon School Libraries professional resources page. Please feel welcome to browse the resources listed here. The materials curated are designed to support educators, paraeducators and student educators in their quest to teach, support and encourage all students in our learning community. In addition, click on the link below to the Destiny Collection, Professional Resources, which are print resources available through Lisbon High School Library.

Lisbon High School Professional Collection 

Located in UMF’s Education Center and managed by the staff of Mantor Library, the Spenciner Curriculum Materials Center provides materials and educational experiences for pre-service and in-service teachers, education professionals, individuals with disabilities, and their families.

Spenciner Curriculum Materials Center

world 101

Named as one of the American Association of School Librarians best digital and teaching resources for 2020, World 101, World 101 offers information from an independent non-partisan sources about international relations. The world is divided into regions and information is provided for each region on politics, economics, etc. From essays and discussion questions to glossaries and up-to-date reading lists, World101 provides comprehensive teaching resources for each of our modules.


Named as one of the American Association of School Librarians best digital and teaching resources for 2020, Facing History and Ourselves is a  collection of educator resources includes a wide range of flexible, multimedia materials, from primary sources and streaming videos to teaching strategies, lesson plans, and full units. Find resources that will support your students’ learning, whether you are teaching a complex moment in history or addressing today’s breaking news. Included, is a calendar of professional development opportunities including videos, webinars and online coursework.


The Educator Tool Kit created by Common Sense Education is a robust site offering games, activities, discussion topics and much more. Resources focus on understanding and managing emotions, how to set and achieve academic goals, how to feel and show empathy,  how to establish and maintain positive relationships, and how to make responsible decisions. The site also includes resources tailored for parents as well.


The International Society for Technology in Education supplies resources to support digital learning while aiming to create transformational learning experiences online. Recent materials added to this site include meeting students’ social-emotional learning experiences online, flexibility required for success in remote learning, and pandemic-friendly resources for bridging the digital divide.

ISTE Digital Resources


Materials available at this site include professional development series, writing prompts, quizzes, multi-media/film club, student contests and COVID-19 resources for students. Content is further divided into curriculum areas such as ELL/art, social studies, English Language, science, math, and current events.

New York Times, The Learning Network


The New England Aquarium Teacher Resource Center provides classroom resources, materials to loan, climate change materials, digital lectures as well as professional development opportunities. Sign up for their newsletter and additional and timely content will be shared with you. This includes tips for distance learning, ocean sciences resources and STEM resources

New England Aquarium Teacher Resource Center