Student Book Reviews

dork4Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Graceful Ice Princess

by Rachel Renee Russell

Reviewed by Jadein F.

It’s really funny, sad. It’s a good book. They have to dance at Qessy Chessy but is is a very good book.


by Kim Baker

Reviewed by Ashton D.

This book was really interesting. Anyone who reads this should totally give this book a chance. The chapters are short and feel really real. This book was AMAZING for me. The characters were really realistic, they feel like real middle-schoolers.

dorkDork Diaries

by Rachel Renee Russell

Reviewed by 5th grader: Kaitlin Catalano

Dork Diaries is a series about a girl named Nikki. And how she writes in a diary. Then, has to deal with all the drama.

The series is really funny. So, it will make you want to read more and more.


by Raina Telgemeier

Reviewed by Madison V.


Drama is a book about a play that they do and the play is about how they set dramathe play up and it shows you that if something is important in your life you always have people there bye your side helping you out.

What I think of this book is that its a good book saying that you should always have people helping you. Also that if you let people down then you’re setting yourself down because you have no one to help you do anything. That’s what I think of the book.
51Enduring Mysteries: Area 51

by Ken Karst

Reviewed by D. Durisko


Well, there was some airplanes and some bad aliens and an astronaut. The aliens had blue eyes and there was a floating sign saying that they can use deadly forces. This is such a compelling story of sadness, loss of hope, and the struggle to do what is right. The characters in the story have issues very similar to the issues students deal with in high school today.

Omg. This be like totes mah goats awesome. I give this book a 2,000 out of 1,000.


Skink No Surrender

by Carl Hiassen

Reviewed by Aubrey H.


So far this book is a-ma-zing! It’s filled with suspense and mystery. This book is about a boy named Richard who is best friends with his cousin – Malley, who has met this guy online named Talbo Chock – or so she thought. Malley has run away from home with the impostor all the way to Florida. It’s up to Richard and Skink to find her before it’s too late.

I would give this book a 8/10 so far, since I haven’t read through the whole book. It’s an amazing book I hope you will read. It’s an amazing book filled with suspense and mystery.

carrie-book-coverCarrie by Stephen King

Reviewed by Katy Dodge – Staff


This book is about seventeen year old Carrie White. Carrie has been teased by classmates and abused by her mother her entire life. However, she still has hopes for joy and a normal life. But, can anything be normal after she discovers her power of telekinesis? The book is set in rural Maine and the story takes place in Stephen King’s Alma Mater – Lisbon High School.

This is such a compelling story of sadness, loss of hope, abuse, and the struggle to do what is right. The characters in the story have issues very similar to the issues students deal with in high school today. Stephen King does an incredible job developing the characters of the story, especially Carrie and her mother considering this was his first published work. The added element of telekinesis adds the paranormal twist that has become so common in Stephen King books. I loved this book. It makes me very uncomfortable while reading it but the story is something that is interesting to read.


Son of Neptune

by Rick Riordan

Reviewed by Michael – 9th


This book is about a boy named Percy Jackson who is a Demi-God which means he is part human part Greek/Roman god. he lost most of his memories and doesn’t know what happened. He stumbles upon a camp full of Demi-Gods. He is sent out on a quest to bring back an eagle that was lost long ago in Alaska and to rescue the god of death. With him are two kids he just met. Frank a Chinese boy who is very clumsy, and a girl named Hazel who is hiding a dark secret about her past. This book was very good and I would gladly read it again although you have to read the first book in the series The Lost Hero for most of the story to make sense.

antsEverybody Sees the Ants by A.S. King

Reviewed by Josh  – 9th


A Dad that is not a father. A Mother that is not a mom. A missing Grand Father In My Dreams. A bully that will not Stop. The ants that talk to me. -LuckyThis is a very good book. It is one of my favorite books I have read. Lucky is a kid that is in his freshman year. He is bullied. It is a weird but interesting book.

impulseImpulse by Ellen Hopkins

Reviewed by Charlotte – 9th


The book “Impulse” is about three people who are living in a rehab center. They are each there for different reasons. Their personalities all differ, yet they manage to become close friends. On the outside, one of them seems like he has the perfect life. Under that, there is a bigger problem eating away at his mind. One has mentally scarred her brother for life, even though she never meant to. The third person has thought he was gay for his entire life, because of one mind altering experience. These three people go through a traumatic experience, which changes the courses of their lives forever.

This book was extremely interesting. It kept me on my toes, and I couldn’t put the book down. The book was set up in a poem form. They made the book more interesting instead of just page after page. Each person had about 4 or 5 “poems” per chapter. Hopkins did a wonderful job at including cliffhangers into her story. They made you want to keep reading. The characters were extremely relatable to teenagers.

Burn by Suzanne PhillipsBurn by Suzanne Phillips

Reviewed by Jonathan – 9th


Cameron Grady, a high school freshman, is the main target of “Red Coats” (school football team). Cameron has to overcome bullying by taking matters into his own hands when he makes a horrible mistake that will change his life forever.

Absolutely an amazing story. Cameron’s predicament that we can all relate to one time or another in our life. Either from witnessing, or experiencing this horrible epidemic our country is facing. The way Suzanne captures the emotion of Cameron and his family it feels like you are with him the entire way.

cow Turn Left at the Cow by Lisa Bullard

Reviewed by Tim G. – Staff

Travis doesn’t get along well with his new step-dad so he secretly heads for Minnesota to spend time with his grandmother. His dad died before he was born but, Travis is shocked to hear rumors that his father may have robbed a bank before he died . Even more upsetting is the fact that the long-lost robbery money is now starting to show up in stores around town. Travis, his cute cousin Isabella and some neighborhood kids start a journey to solve the mystery of the missing money and prove that Grandma wasn’t involved.
Looking for the missing money begins as a game for the kids, but someone ( a very dangerous someone ) isn’t playing around when it comes to this much cash! Travis struggles to get to know his grandmother better and tries to understand why the father he never knew bailed out on the family. His grandmother says, ” Even the very best people sometimes do bad things.” The ending was a shocking surprise to me and not at all what I was expecting!

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