The Hive

Welcome to the Hive at the Lisbon High School Library. What is the hive? It is a makers club that provides digital, technological and physical resources for students to design and fabricate in a collective learning environment. Projects are student-driven with participants engaging in open-ended exploration as they become innovators. Questions? Feel welcome to contact Mrs. Thompson at the Lisbon High School Library. Hive sessions occur each Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 2:15-3:15.

Join the hive as we investigate Tinkercad and embark on our first 3D printing project. Excited? Click on the link below to signup for a free Tinkercad account and view the 6 short tutorials to get started.

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Join the Hive this Friday, October 25th as we begin our three-week cookie cutter challenge! Check out the link below for a sneak peek into all of the delicious fun.  Questions? Please contact Mrs. Thompson at the Lisbon High School Library.

Cookie Cutter Challenge

bakery baking blur candy

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